Matthew 13

Preparing the soil

Who of you have ever planted a seed? Or nursed a tree and see it grow? Perhaps you saw your little brother/sister or child grow up to who they are now and consider the whole process that went into this plant or person that made them who they are today.  Let see how Jesus tells us to grow.

Reading of Matthew 13:1-8

There are tree parts that we must look at tonight. The first part is Verse 1-8 it’s the opening of the Parable. Jesus tells the parable to the crowds that gathered around him. No one understands what He was saying so He goes on to explain to the crowds and us here tonight what he means by this parable of the Sower.

This is the second part Reading Matthew 13:8-16

These seeds in my hand are just seeds in my hands at the moment. It is nothing else. It has the potential to grow but all the elements must come into play at the right time and the right amount of it. Else it will fail no matter what you try to do. It needs soil, water, sunshine, fertilizer and love. What is Jesus saying to us here?

He is saying we must be aware of what goes into our soil and take care to only let in what will fertilize our soil to be more than just soil. For us to grow fully in the Holy Spirt. These seeds in my hand must be planted in healthy soil to produce a healthy crop. For our soil is our body. Its how you take care of your body how you look at it and nurture it. It is your responsibility as Christian to have healthy soil. You are responsible for keeping your soil fertile, healthy soil yields a crop of this would be the yield produced.

Everything you put into your soil determines if your soil is healthy or not. The simple truth is, when you let bad things into your life your soil will be foiled. And if you put good things in your life your soil will be healthy. Let’s examine this in greater depth. How do good or bad things enter your lives?

They enter through the gates of our hearts. Each person has 5 gates/ or you can call them senses. It is hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and feeling.

Through the gates we open ourselves up too good or evil. Our gates have become unclean and it is blocked or even locked, to that which is good. It is blocked with earthly desires but rather opens the gate for evil. Some of our Gates is even locked nothing good can enter. We have become so custom to it that we don’t even recognize the bad stuff that enters our lives and contaminates our soil. How does this happen to us?

Each day when you get up and live your life our gates are open and they gather information. This information is carried through our knowledge to our soul and through our soul to our spirit. All this determined how we experience and feel our first love. Our first love is God and it must be in the middle of everything.

“Through seeing they do not see and though hearing they do not hear or understand” verse 13 

What do you see every day? Are you watching movies where there are subtle love scenes in it? And you think its nothing, its ok. Those are the things that rot our soil friends.

What about a friend that’s making a dirty joke or just speaks ill of someone else? What are you doing are you taking part in it or just a small laugh with the crowd? What is your reaction when something like this happens? Are you anchored in healthy soil where seeds have taken root or have your seeds fallen and rocky ground?

What about the stuff you put in your mouth? Drugs, too much bad food, weed. We don’t even have to talk about it we all know it is not Gods plan for our lives.

What about feeling love for an object it can be a person or a car, new sneakers? Just desiring it with your whole heart, and you will do anything to get it

Any addiction causes our soil to become contaminated and separates us from God. What about smelling taking something through your nose? It can be drugs or smoking? Smoking will not send you to hell friends, but if you smoke you are addicted to something and the problem if you are addicted to something and need it to function. That’s how our soil is getting rotten.

Through our lives we have become so a custom to being surrounded by earthly things, and these things takes priority over that which would feed our soil rather than pollute it.

We then become blind to seeing all the bad earthly things that we don’t see all the bad anymore and eventually we are sitting here today with rotten, foiled, polluted, unfertile soil. We don’t understand why we can’t feel and see the Holy Spirit in your lives. Where have all the miracles gone to?

Why can’t I grow in my Spiritual life with Jesus?

Why does it always feel like I am hitting a roof in my Spiritual live?

There is a reason why we sing here tonight and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is a reason why we walk with fellow Christians and see miracles happen. There is a reason why we take communion we eat the bread and drink the wine, we taste it, smell it, feel it and it becomes part of us because we are part of Christ. There is a reason why we anoint each other with holy oil. There is a reason why the Magi brought Jesus frankincense and myrrh when He was born!

All these things are not there because it looks cool. Something we do to show people we are religious people. It is there for a reason, our gates and body’s must be clean. Our soil must be healthy so that Holy Spirit can nurture the seed He has sowed in us! It is up to us whether the seed grows or dies.

This is what verse 11 is talking about

“Because the knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven has been given to you, but not to them” It is then only when we learn the “knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of heaven”

Now that we understand the importance of healthy soil, Jesus goes on to explain the parable of the Sower

Part 3 reading verse 18-23

The first thing Jesus talks about in verse 18 is “Knowledge” people who hear the word of God but do not understand it.  This is problematic for us because if we don’t understand the word of God how will we be able to grow in His word.

If there is no knowledge of God people tend to create a wild imagination. An imagination where they take God and put Him where they think He must be and it is not right! No human can take God and put Him where he thinks he must be and we all do it sometimes. God is omnipotent, omnipresent and all knowing, therefore we cannot by any stretch of the imagination fully understand Him. We cannot place Him in a box. To do so would be a contradiction to exactly what we believe about His nature. We must ask the Holy Spirit in prayer to guide us through this, that our seed fall in the healthy soil!

With healthy soil but no Knowledge of God we will be doomed and we will not grow in the Holy Spirit! Our Knowledge is 1Corinthians 1:23 is “Christ crucified” It is God’s Knowledge not knowledge of God.

In the second part we are examining verse 20, Jesus talks about the seed falling on the rocky ground. This is on a deeper level the persona “that what you think you are”, ego basically. When we look at the definition of ego it is defined as your feelings about your own importance and ability. A Christian should have no place for ego in their life. If you don’t stand for anything you will fall for everything.

A foundation of healthy soil in which seed has grown and roots have anchored it in place will not be moved. Greater still we know that nothing can separate us from the love of God Romans 8:31-39. If we want to grow fully in Christ, it must not be you who lives in yourself but Christ that lives in you! If you place yourself above Christ in your live you will not grow, you will be like the seed that fell on the rocky ground.  We should strive to make Christ the centre, core of our being in our everyday lives.

The third Jesus talks about in verse 22 “The seed falling among the thorns”. This is the suffering that we all know. This happens when we shift our focus to the wrong place. Our focus must always be on Jesus. But we tend to place our focus on the cup of suffering and not on Jesus. All of us have gone through tough times and in the future, we will go through tough times again through tuff times it is then when we tend to focus on the cup and not Jesus. Doubts creep into our mind and it destroys us. God did not create us to live in doubt. We must not focus on the sins we commit in this life it will pull all the life out of us, we must focus on God and only God. Focusing on God will be the victory over the sin we struggle with.

The fourth Jesus talks about in verse 23 “But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown”

Our conclusion tonight, let’s clean our soil and keep it clean and healthy. We know what to do, let this crop inside you produce hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Pray in the name of Jesus Christ to remove that which is blocking the gateway of your heart and make you conscientious about what you allow into your life. Clean your gates and most importantly fertilize your soil so that you may bare a fruitful harvest. The Holy Spirit is eager to let the seed grow in you so that you can carry the fruits of the Holy Spirit!