We are a faith community that prayerfully strives to preach the Word of God according to Scripture principles to contemporary and pure believers with different spiritual needs. Gods Kingdom is established through the Word and working of the Holy Spirit for all.

We believe that our vision is to move from four areas: worship, healing, growth, and serving to fulfil our calling as s Centre of Faith. Our heart is to encourage believers to embed themselves in the word and from that bases engage in discussions during fellowships with others.



We derive our identity from the following core values:


We are guided in every aspect of our ministry by what we hear from the Word of the Lord and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is normative for our ministry. All other matters are subordinate to it, even traditions and denominations. We believe that the more we have meaningful conversations about the word the more we will understand how to worship God, receive healing in the needed, grow holistically and become stewards who have servant hearts in His Kingdom.


Our identity as a Center of Faith must bear a Christ character; He is the example we build.


We have a call to take the Good News first to our immediate environment and then to the outside world. It is fundamental to our ministry.


We need to care for ourselves and each other. That’s why we believe that we should share the word, have fellowship and also share a meal whenever we meet as fellow believers especially in our context.


We must respect one another’s uniqueness, which includes respect for our different spiritual needs and views.


We must listen to God and to the world.


We need to open and honestly communicate the unity that exists in the Faith Center.

The point of departure of the Faith Center is that anyone who feels at home or around us will become involved in one or more of these vision areas. These sites receive attention during the course of the year through various projects in which you can join. So we do not have small, closed “commissions” that plan matters and try to do it alone.

There are, however, structured working groups for each of these four sites, consisting of voluntary religious workers. These working groups continually reflect on needs and plan and organize all relevant activities. Then it is passed on to everyone, with the invitation to get involved. The working groups, however, rely on the involvement of each one. Watch the announcements for opportunities to get involved and be part of it!

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