We serve the community and the world.

We invite you to join us in driving community-based projects. We need to give back and help where we can!


Here are various projects that you can help with, however small the contribution or effort It’s all helping us serve our community. Children are close to our hearts.

This project focuses on children in:

The Böhmerskool is supported by us, providing quarterly sandwiches to needy children. We also contribute financially for food parcels for June and December holidays. You can help in any way, even by handing out the sandwiches to the children.

At the CHOC house near our Center, children with cancer and their parents are hospitalized during the treatment period. We provide weekly support through a CHOC home service and help wherever needed. There is a great need here, as there is often a lot of pain involved. If God has placed this on your heart please contact us and get involved!

We run Bennies for Babies Project, where we knit bennies close to winter for the babies born in the Universitas Hospital. You can assist by helping to knit the bennies, help handing them out, or providing the wool to knit the bennies. 

We also run an Adopt a Tummy Project – where you can either donate a meal or receive a meal sponsored at the church.




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